Fleet maintenance

A fleet maintenance contract helps to manage costs without compromising qualityCompanies are under pressure as never before to cut costs and outsource functions that are not central to their business. Fleet maintenance is one of these operations that can be outsourced and considerable savings made. As well as direct cost reductions there are also other more long-term savings to be made.

A fleet maintenance contract allows you to outsource fleet administration and to manage costs whilst maintaining quality of service.

As a customer with a fleet maintenance contract you benefit from the following:

  • Reduced administration & guaranteed prices
  • We consolidate all maintenance costs into a single monthly invoice, saving you time and money
  • Fixed price contracts that cover all makes of cars, trucks or trailers
  • Contracts can be tailored to your needs – ranging from service only agreements to fully bespoke contract maintenance
  • We manage the day-to-day maintenance of your vehicles so that you can concentrate on your core business
  • All mechanical repairs are covered
  • You have a fixed monthly cost regardless of what is spent on the vehicle maintenance, thereby reducing your risk
  • We offer maintenance contracts for vehicles up to seven years and trailers up to ten years of age
  • By having vehicles regularly maintained you can be sure that your vehicle is fit for purpose

Contact us now to discuss your needs and we will be happy to offer you a proposal tailored to your needs.